Taxi Movies – The Centre of Life in the USA

Any movie based in the USA, that you watch these days is filled with the sights and sounds of the bright yellow cabs. In many instances, the cabs play a pivotal part in the plot. The drivers are complex beings who seem to say the right thing at the right time in any given situation.

Taxi 1998

Taxi was originally released in 1998 in French. The film was surprisingly written in only 30 days by Luc Besson. The storyline involves a pizza delivery boy who is excited by the prospects of getting his taxi license. The young man, Daniel, gets caught up in a chase to catch German bank robbers. His services are employed by a policeman who has lost his drivers license through various traffic offences. The story follows the two as Daniel tries to keep the policeman hot on the heels of the robbers while trying to hold onto his dreams and his taxi license. The film is set in Marseille, Bouches-du-Rhone, France.

Taxi 2004

The 2004 remake of the French movie features Queen Latifah as the taxi driver and Jimmy Fallon as the police officer. While the story line is very similar to the original, some details have been altered to provide a fresh, comical approach. The taxi driver is a single mother who has progressed from being the fastest pizza delivery person in New York driving a cab. The police officer calls on her services to get to the scene of a bank robbery. He has lost his license through a series of traffic violations. He is the joke of his precinct and will do anything to win back some respect. Latifah is the perfect person to portray the taxi driver with attitude and offers laugh a minute viewing. Follow the two as they chase the beautiful, female bank robbers.