Yellow Cabs – New York City Bees

Yellow cabs are found throughout all the major cities in the USA, however, they are synonymous with the Big Apple. A reliable taxi service is vital to easy, quick, convenient movement from one place to another within the city limits. In cities where hundreds and even thousands of people reside, the quota of taxis required in astronomical.

Beat The Bustle

The thrill of living in a large city can sometimes be dampened by the thought of having to navigate through almost impenetrable traffic on a daily basis. In order to get to work on time, the scenario would require many to leave their homes at seemingly silly times just to beat the rush. The convenience of a taxi available at the rise of your hand is convenient and efficient. You are easily able to negotiate your way to work, leaving home at a reasonable hour, and in a mind frame that is not irritable, and irrational.

Carbon Footprint

Large cities are most often associated with a haze of smog that looms ominously just out of reach. The use of private cars in cities like this adds to the already grave risk posed by the industrial sectors. Noise and air pollution from cars are considerable. There are many cities worldwide who charge taxes for driving within certain city boundaries. This is a bid to reduce traffic in the busy centres and minimise the carbon footprint left behind. In areas like this, the use of public transportation and taxis is reliable, regular, and efficient.

Meet and Greet

Besides the obvious benefits, riding in a taxis is an experience that can be both enjoyable, and social. Taxi drivers are known to be quite a talkative bunch, often lightening the mood on the trip with small talk or quirky jokes. It is a nice change from the hustle and bustle. People often take no notice and seldom stopping to greet each other.